Bolmor Polytechnic (BOLMORPOLY) Accept NABTEB Result

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Does Bolmor Polytechnic (BOLMORPOLY) accept NABTEB result for admission? If you have NABTEB result and you wish to gain admission with it in Bolmor Polytechnic then you probably may be wonder if BOLMORPOLY will offer you admission with your NABTEB result.

In this post, we have provided answers to the questions you may have concerning the use of NABTEB result to gain admission into Bolmor Polytechnic (BOLMORPOLY). Without wasting any time, let us answer the question already.

Does Bolmor Polytechnic (BOLMORPOLY) Accept NABTEB Result? Yes. If you have NABTEB result and credited all the subjects required for your course then you can use it for admission into Bolmor Polytechnic. See List of schools that accept NABTEB result here.

What are the courses you can apply for in Bolmor Polytechnic with NABTEB result? Check out below for the list of courses offered in Bolmor Polytechnic (BOLMORPOLY) that you can use NABTEB result to gain admission into.

Courses In Bolmor Polytechnic (BOLMORPOLY)

  • Business Administration and Management
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Statistics
  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering Technology

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