College of Education, Ikwo (COEIKWO) Accepts WAEC and NECO Result

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Do you want to know if you can combine WAEC and NECO result and use it to gain admission into College of Education, Ikwo (COEIKWO)? If that is the case with you, then it may please you to know that we have addressed that concern right here in this post.

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It is good you check if College of Education, Ikwo accepts WAEC and NECO combination for admission before you make your choice to select them in JAMB during registration. As mentioned earlier, this post is dedicated to answering the question “Does (COEIKWO) accept combination of WAEC and NECO results for admission?

Without wasting any more time, let us now answer the question and get on with it.

Does College of Education, Ikwo (COEIKWO) accept WAEC and NECO results combination? The answer is YES. it is possible for you to combine WAEC result and NECO result and use it to gain admission into College of Education, Ikwo.

Some of the possible combination of two o level results are as follows:

Another question is: What course can you apply for in College of Education, Ikwo with combination of WAEC and NECO result? Check out below for the list of courses offered in College of Education, Ikwo (COEIKWO) that you can use your WAC and NECO result to gain admission into.

Courses In College of Education, Ikwo (COEIKWO)

The use of WAEC and NECO result combination will likely apply to all the courses offered in College of Education, Ikwo as given below. However, you can also check JAMB brochure incase they are some special cases where it doesn’t apply.

  • Biology / Chemistry
  • Biology / Geography
  • Biology / Integrated Science
  • Biology / Mathematics
  • Biology / Physics
  • Business Education
  • Christian Religious Studies / Computer Education
  • Christian Religious Studies / Economics
  • Christian Religious Studies / English
  • Christian Religious Studies / Geography
  • Christian Religious Studies / History
  • Christian Religious Studies / Maths
  • Christian Religious Studies / Fine Arts
  • Christian Religiuos Studies / Political Science
  • Christians Religion Studies / Igbo
  • Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies
  • Computer Education / English
  • Computer Education / Geography
  • Computer Education / Physics
  • Computer Education / Chemistry
  • Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
  • Computer Science Education / Mathematics
  • Economics / English
  • Economics / Geography
  • Economics / History
  • Economics / Igbo
  • Economics / Mathematics
  • Economics / Physics
  • Economics / Political Science
  • Economics / Social Studies
  • Education and Integrated Science
  • Education and Religious Studies
  • Education and Social Studies
  • English / Geography
  • English / History
  • English / Igbo
  • English / Integrated Science
  • English / Mathematics
  • English / Political Science
  • English And Fine And Applied Arts
  • History and Political Science
  • Human Kinetics and Health Education
  • Primary Education Studies
  • Social Studies / Fine And Applied Arts
  • Computer Science / Biology
  • Computer Science / Economics
  • Economics and Fine and Applied Arts
  • English (Double Major)

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